The purpose of the creation of Hakan Electric & Automation is the production of

examplary projects by using technology and making quality & secure applications.

The company has involved in sea and land activities  in making shipyard

Infrastructures, vessel and Mega yacht projects while producing  certified systems

since 1996.

Then, that includes the preparation of electrical projects and assembly labor, the

production of complete solutions of cargo vessels tankers and mega yachts in the

shipping industry ; and of factories installations having a high degree of automation

in the land sector. In the long term, we wish to  be one of the mile stones of the sector

which has proven the quality and standards.

Our main targets are to represent the Turkish shipping sector in an inspiring manner,

to establish the unconditional satisfaction of our customers and to be a reference of

quality as being a world’s leading brand in high quality labor.

We provide added valued to our customers thanks to all kinds of generator systems,

automation systems realized by our projects and application activites, experienced

and educated engineers, technicians and expert staffs.

Hakan Electric & Automation  has structured its projects and field team as R&D units.

With this infrastructure, the company has developed its experiences while considering

the costs and failure risks. Then ,it finalized these Works by %100 designing Alarm

Monitoring & Control Systems wich applied with customer-focused and it

certified by LLOYD institution.

By obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certificate ; Hakan Electric & Automation has proven product

and service quality in international level and has given the guarantee of quality continuity,

standardization and consistency.

 By Getting the Type Approval Certificate from Bureau Veritas in 2014,we

Successfully serve our industry thanks to our R&D activities  started in 2002.

 In Turkey, we produce the first domestic Alarm Monitoring and Control System

agreed by the Type Approval Certificate