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About us

Hakan Elektrik whose incorporation aim is to produce sample projects by using tecnology is active since year 1996 in sea and land and inloved in marking the application and certification of shipyard infrastrres , vessel and Mega yacht projects subsequent to producin the system.
We greet you with saying welcome. as HAKAN ELECTRIC family, Hakan
Electric took its place in trade life in 1996 in the province of Kocaeli Körfez.
Hakan Electric firstly made equipments for container ships and tankers with
high navy shipments. In the following period, he completed the equipments of mining factories and many industrial plants together with their projects. In the same period, it started to Mega Yacht equipment in Tuzla region of Istanbul. In 16 years, it built 50 m of Mega Yachts in Turkey and over a large part of the equipment was delivered by the projects.
In the same period, the hakan electric, also worked on the tanker, the tug boat, the passenger ships, the ferryboats, and furnished it with the projects.
While participating in the above studies, participating in the work of establishing the sub-structures of the shipyards with its trained employees, it has contributed to the opening of business areas in the sector.
Alongside all of these studies, he was able to use his own resources to lead R&D studies. R&D initiatives started in 2002, with type approval certificates in 2014,
Hakan Electric crowned with ALARM MONITORING & CONTROL
In this way, by producing systems with completely localized software, these
systems which we are dependent on abroad have gained in Turkish shipbuilding
sector. In the same period, 300 technical staff members were trained and
contributed to the production of technical intermediate staff.
At present Hakan Elektrik continues to serve the sector with nearly 70
engineers, technicians and master staffs, mainly passenger ships and super yacht projects.

Our Vision

Ensure of our savoir-faire while assuming our responsibilities in the Turkish ships and yacht industries.
Ensuring customer satisfaction.
Become an international brand in the maritime industry thanks to the development of systems and the quality of workforce.
Become a quality reference.

Our Mission

Conquer the international market thanks to the development of projects and systems and on the strength and quality of the workforce.
Continue to meet new needs as part of the R&D projects.
Fixer des objectifs sur le long terme. Set long term goals.
The company conquers the maritime industry with its technology and its quality work. That’s why it wants in the short term, lead projects, develop systems and produce labor internationally.