Hakan Electric


The founding target of our company is the newly built cargo ships, tankers and mega yachts; To produce solutions for the entire sector by performing assembly work, especially electrical projects of factories and facilities with high automation. However, it is one of the cornerstones that has proven the quality and standards of the sector in the long term.

Our Founding Story

The purpose of the creation of Hakan Electric & Automation is the production of examplary projects by using technology and making quality & secure applications. The company has involved in sea and land activities in making shipyard infrastructures, vessel and Mega yacht projects while producing certified systems since 1996.

Then, that includes the preparation of electrical projects and assembly labor, the production of complete solutions of cargo vessels tankers and mega yachts in the shipping industry; and of factories installations having a high degree of automation in the land sector. In the long term, we wish to be one of the mile stones of the sector which has proven the quality and standards.

Our main targets are to represent the Turkish shipping sector in an inspiring manner, to establish the unconditional satisfaction of our customers and to be a reference of quality as being a world’s leading  brand in high quality labor.

We provide added valued to our customers thanks to all kinds of generator systems, automation systems realized by our projects and application activities, experienced and educated engineers, technicians and expert staffs.

Hakan Electric & Automation has structured its projects and field team as R & D units. With this infrastructure, the company has developed its experiences while considering the costs and failure risks. Then, it finalized these Works by %100 designing Alarm Monitoring & Control Systems wich applied with customer-focused and it certified by LLOYD institution.

By obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certificate; Hakan Electric & Automation has proven product and service quality in international level and has given the guarantee of quality continuity, standardization and  consistency.

Quality Policy

  • Documenting, documenting and continuously improving our Quality Management System to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 standard
  • To determine our quality targets in a way to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and to carry out all necessary works in the team spirit to reach these targets,​
  • To support occupational and social development, quality awareness, continuous training programs and activities, to keep their motivations at the highest level, by prioritizing the occupational health and safety of our employees who realize quality production, which is our common effort,
  • Having a trust-based relationship with external suppliers,
  • To improve the pool of potential customers and target sectors by increasing company awareness and expanding our product portfolio.
  • To increase the efficiency of all our processes to the level that can compete internationally in line with the continuous improvement approach,​
  • Our company’s name and Turkey to serve the world more to announce objectives, existing technical, administrative and financial move our savings abroad,
  • To ensure that the achievements we achieve within the framework of our quality policy are sustainable, to reach higher levels, and to ensure that our employees see the development of our brand awareness within the common and essential goals.​
  • To complete each project on time, in full compliance with the highest level techniques, in the desired quality and within the budget.


Working on the principle of customer focus, producing and developing quality and reliable systems in the fields of electricity and automation and providing the necessary services after sales, having creative manpower and using technology well in this direction.


To represent the Turkish yacht and ship industry in a reassuring manner in our field, to become a world brand with the systems and quality workmanship it produces in the marine sector, and to be a reference in quality.

Our Mission &  Vision


Why Hakan Electric

Hakan Electricity and Automation, meets customer expectations in line with its vision. It develops and produces quality and reliable products and also provides after-sales service.


Hakan Elektrik ISO 9001:2015 product-service quality has been internationally recognized and also guarantees continuity in quality and consistency of standardization.

Professional Team

It has become one of the most important representatives of the sector with its experienced and trained engineers, technicians and craftsmen.

After Sales

Hakan Electricity and Automation meets customer expectations in line with its vision. By developing and producing quality and reliable products, it also provides after-sales service.